The Mountains of Bormio are in the heart of the Alps and of the Stelvio National Park. They contribute to creating one of the most fascinating and wild places in the entire Alps. The absence of 4000 mt. peaks makes the area not so famous for alpinism and for this reason it is possible to breathe the true mountaineering, made of adventure and discovery.

Discovering the mountains accompanied by the professionalism of one of our Mountain Guides is an all-round experience, which will maximize safety and  will, above all, try to amaze you.

We will be honored to share real adventures with those who will be tied to our rope.

Here are some suggestions:

The list above is only a part of what our area has to offer. We are available for ad hoc ascents or crossings, even outside the region, over the entire Alps and/or on the most beautiful mountains of the world.