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Off-piste skiing means wild spots and virgin slopes, means freedom and a deep contact with Nature. For skiers who get used to ski only into the pistes it means exclusive and new emotions. Jump into a new experience closer to the Mountain.

Alpine Ski allows you to learn a technique and improve a style. Off-piste skiing is nature rediscovery, it is free expression, it is creativity. It is an experience, it is pure emotion.

Leaded by a Mountain Guide you will discover the best spots of our region and you will draw unrepeatable tracks on the powder snow, far from the busy slopes.

For Off-piste skiing is required a safe technique on all the slopes and with parallel skis.

Have you never tried off-piste skiing and would like to have your first experience? Come with us, we have the day dedicated to you: Freeride First Time

And for the young ones: Freeride Kids

Choose your favorite area below:

Santa Caterina Valfurva

Price: starting from € 70