Posto degli sciatori

If you are looking for a place to practice off piste skiing, Bormio is certainly among the best and unfrequented ski resorts in the Alps.

Off-piste skiing offers unique sensations, where there are no fix tracks, but only a deep sense of freedom. The “Posto degli Sciatori” offers wide slopes and fir’s forests and is also ideal for beginners users.


Valhalla – Croce

The “Vallone” or “Valhalla” as the locals like to call it, is the most famous off-piste downhill of Bormio ski area. It follows the main valley giving an amazing skiing on a wide slope and then ending in the “Boschetto della Levissima” which takes you back to the piste just above Bormio 2000.

From Bormio 3000, walking up along the ridge for about 40 minutes, you arrive at the “Croce del Monte Vallecetta” which with its 3150m offers the most ambit downhill on the Bormino area. In addition to the two classic downhills there are many other variants, that offer many options, also for the more experienced skiers.



“Sant” off-piste is the longest and wildest line. It starts from Bormio 3000 and it finishes on the road that links Bormio to Santa Caterina. A 1500 m downhill of pure emotion where it’s possible to draw many lines inside steep couloirs, wide slopes and finally inside beautiful woods.

The return will take place by bus or is also possible by taxi (extra cost).