Livigno is a must for the ice climber who will find here more than thirty five ice falls and amazing free standings. The particular geomorphology of the territory, characterized by steepy slopes and limestone walls, allows the formation of very vertical ice falls, sometimes detached from the rock. Thanks also to the very low temperatures of the area, the season can continue until the end of March.


Livigno ice falls:

Piscia da salient III/3

Regina del lago III 3/3+

Shining ice 95 II/4

Dardaglin II/4


Illusione Ottica III/4

Red Bull III/4

Danza del Ventre II/4/4+

Ombelico del Mondo III/4+

Village (Candela del Gipeto Alceste) II/4 /4+

Luna Rossa IV/4/4+

Kakaburra III/5

Candela delle Meraviglie III/5

Ci Cozz III/5

Tropical III/5+