What we do

Be guided by a Mountain Guide means living and discovering the Mountain close to a professionist who did a long training course and who continues to update himself. It means sharing an exclusive adventure, enjoying the charm of nature, learning how to respect it, and how to manage the risks that the wild places necessarily involve.

From the ascents on the great mountains, to the unusual hikes in the woods. From the steep rock walls, to the ephemeral ice falls climbing. From the exciting off-piste ski, to the relaxing ski mountaineering and snowshoeing. To live real emotions without stress, thanks to the skills and experience of a professionist, discover the mountains with us all along the year.

Who is the Mountain Guide?

The Mountain Guides are mountain professionist who lead and teach the techniques about all the activities that can be practiced in the mountains: mountaineering, ski mountaineering, rock and ice climbing and canyoning. Be guided by a Mountain Guide means learning how to go in the mountains safely and with fun.

Italian law No. 6 of 2 January 1989 defines the role of the Mountain Guide. “The Mountain Guide is who professionally lead people on the following activities: mountain ascents, both on the rock and on the ice; hiking tour; ski mountaineering ascents; teaching of mountaineering and ski mountaineering techniques except the skiing techniques on downhill and cross-country slopes.”

What we do:

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