Giovanni Majori

Mountain Guide UIAGM

GiovanniI was born in Bormio in January 1954. I have a lot of memories about my mountain initiation: the first ski runs with the Ski Club Bormio, the ascents with my brother and the first ski mountaineering races when I was 14…
At that time I wasn’t fully aware of what the mountain was giving me, but over the years this became something necessary and irreplaceable. When the junior high school was over, I decided to go to the technical high school Feltrinelli in Milan because of my good manual skills. This adventure lasted only one year, but it enabled me to understand what I really wanted to do as an adult!
I wanted to live among the mountains, to breathe their essence every day…

I started to earn some money as a photographer of wild animals in the Stelvio National Park and this allowed me to have enough time to train and therefore improve my technical and athletic level on all kinds of ground. I won a lot of national and international ski mountaineering races paired with many friends, among which the late lamented Daniele Chiappa.

In azione...


In the ’70ies I traveled the world, spurred on curiosity to see other mountains. I went to the Kilimanjaro in Africa and to the Illampu and Illimani in Bolivia. These two experiences were very important but the real turning point was meeting Renato Casarotto on the Vinci edge at Pizzo Cengalo.

“Interview before leave to Patagonia. From the left: Renato Casarotto, Goretta Traverso, the journalist, Giovanni Majori and Luigi Zen.”

We became friends and mates to rope. We opened a new way on Roda di Vael and others in Alta Valtellina. In 1979 we went together to Patagonia, where after more than one month of bad weather I finished my money and I had to come back.
However Renato remained there and after 19 days alone on the climbing wall he did one of his most important ascent: Goretta pillar on the Fitz Roy.
I’ve been always burning with passion for the mountain and therefore I decided to transmit it to those who rely on me. I became a Mountain Guide in 1984 and I’m still proud of this!